DistanceAndFeaturesInitializedState< DistanceCallback, FeaturesCallback > Class Template Reference

#include <chain_interface.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 DistanceAndFeaturesInitializedState (const ParametersSet &params, const DistanceCallback &d, const FeaturesCallback &f)
template<class KernelCallback >
< KernelCallback,
FeaturesCallback > 
withKernel (const KernelCallback &kernel) const
template<class RandomAccessIterator >
TapkeeOutput embedRange (RandomAccessIterator begin, RandomAccessIterator end) const
template<class Container >
TapkeeOutput embedUsing (const Container &container) const

Private Attributes

ParametersSet parameters
DistanceCallback distance
FeaturesCallback features

Detailed Description

template<class DistanceCallback, class FeaturesCallback>
class tapkee::tapkee_internal::DistanceAndFeaturesInitializedState< DistanceCallback, FeaturesCallback >

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DistanceAndFeaturesInitializedState ( const ParametersSet params,
const DistanceCallback &  d,
const FeaturesCallback &  f 

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Member Function Documentation

TapkeeOutput embedRange ( RandomAccessIterator  begin,
RandomAccessIterator  end 
) const

Constructs an embedding using the data represented by the begin and end iterators.

beginan iterator that points to the beginning of data container
endan iterator that points to the end of data container

Definition at line 181 of file chain_interface.hpp.

TapkeeOutput embedUsing ( const Container &  container) const

Constructs an embedding using the data represented by the container.

containera container that supports begin() and end() methods to get corresponding iterators

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CallbacksInitializedState<KernelCallback,DistanceCallback,FeaturesCallback> withKernel ( const KernelCallback &  kernel) const

Sets kernel callback.

callbacka callback that implements the
 kernel(const RandomAccessIterator::value_type&, const RandomAccessIterator::value_type&) 
member function which is used to compute kernel value (similarity) between two objects pointed by the first and the second arguments.

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Member Data Documentation

DistanceCallback distance [private]

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FeaturesCallback features [private]

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