covertree_point.hpp File Reference
#include <tapkee/defines.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>

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class  v_array< T >
 Class v_array taken directly from JL's implementation. More...
struct  CoverTreePoint< RandomAccessIterator >
 Class Point to use with John Langford's CoverTree. This class must have some associated functions defined (distance, and print, see below) so it can be used with the CoverTree implementation. More...
struct  distance_impl< KernelType, RandomAccessIterator, Callback >
struct  distance_impl< DistanceType, RandomAccessIterator, Callback >


namespace  tapkee
namespace  tapkee::tapkee_internal


template<class T >
void push (v_array< T > &v, const T &new_ele)
template<class T >
void alloc (v_array< T > &v, int length)
template<class T >
v_array< T > pop (v_array< v_array< T > > &stack)
template<class RandomAccessIterator , class Callback >
ScalarType distance (Callback &cb, const CoverTreePoint< RandomAccessIterator > &l, const CoverTreePoint< RandomAccessIterator > &r, ScalarType upper_bound)
template<class RandomAccessIterator >
void print (const CoverTreePoint< RandomAccessIterator > &)
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