manifold_sculpting.hpp File Reference
#include <tapkee/defines.hpp>
#include <tapkee/utils/sparse.hpp>
#include <math.h>
#include <ctime>
#include <cfloat>
#include <deque>
#include <set>

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struct  DataForErrorFunc
 Data needed to compute error function. More...


namespace  tapkee
namespace  tapkee::tapkee_internal


template<class RandomAccessIterator , class DistanceCallback >
SparseMatrix neighbors_distances_matrix (RandomAccessIterator begin, RandomAccessIterator end, const Neighbors &neighbors, DistanceCallback callback, ScalarType &average_distance)
SparseMatrixNeighborsPair angles_matrix_and_neighbors (const Neighbors &neighbors, const DenseMatrix &data)
ScalarType average_neighbor_distance (const DenseMatrix &data, const Neighbors &neighbors)
ScalarType compute_error_for_point (const IndexType index, const DenseMatrix &data, const DataForErrorFunc &error_func_data)
IndexType adjust_point_at_index (const IndexType index, DenseMatrix &data, const IndexType target_dimension, const ScalarType learning_rate, const DataForErrorFunc &error_func_data, ScalarType &point_error)
template<class RandomAccessIterator , class DistanceCallback >
void manifold_sculpting_embed (RandomAccessIterator begin, RandomAccessIterator end, DenseMatrix &data, IndexType target_dimension, const Neighbors &neighbors, DistanceCallback callback, IndexType max_iteration, ScalarType squishing_rate)
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