DataForErrorFunc Struct Reference

#include <manifold_sculpting.hpp>

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Public Attributes

const SparseMatrixangles_matrix
const Neighborsdistance_neighbors
const Neighborsangle_neighbors
const std::set< IndexType > & adjusted_points
const ScalarType average_distance

Static Public Attributes

const SparseMatrixdistance_matrix

Detailed Description

Data needed to compute error function.

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Member Data Documentation

const std::set<IndexType>& adjusted_points

a set of indices of points, that have been already adjusted

Definition at line 61 of file manifold_sculpting.hpp.

a vector of vectors, where the vector at index I contains indices of neighbor's neighbor of the I'th point (so that we know, where to search for the angle value)

Definition at line 57 of file manifold_sculpting.hpp.

sparse matrix that contains original angles between the point, its neighbor and the most collinear neighbor of the neighbor. If point's index is P, its neighbor's index is N1 and the index of neighbor's neighbor is N2, then the angle between them should be stored at index (P, N2)

Definition at line 47 of file manifold_sculpting.hpp.

initial average distance between neighbors

Definition at line 63 of file manifold_sculpting.hpp.

const SparseMatrix& distance_matrix [static]

contains distances between point and its neighbors

Definition at line 39 of file manifold_sculpting.hpp.

a vector of vectors, where I'th vector contains indices of neighbors for I'th point

Definition at line 51 of file manifold_sculpting.hpp.

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